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Creating an environment where everyone flourishes. (Deeds not words)

St Michael’s Preparatory School is a Catholic school dedicated to forming a loving and disciplined community of different backgrounds where the dignity and holistic development of each child is promoted

NANO NAGLE(1718 – 1784)

Nano Nagle, Foundress of the Presentation Congregation, began her mission of educating the poor in the ‘little school’ in Cove Lane, Cork, Ireland, in 1775. In setting up schools in defiance of the established colonial order, she sided with those who were poor and challenged the institutional injustice that perpetuated marginalisation and poverty.

Nano responded to the needs of her time and developed an educational curriculum suitable to her students. To-day, Nano Nagle is regarded as one of the great pioneers of Catholic education. Her work laid the foundation for a voluntary school system in Ireland. Her spirit and tradition inspire the Presentation Philosophy of Education.


Presentation Education draws inspiration from and is guided by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the spirit and life of Nano Nagle, the teachings of the Catholic Church and our Constitutions:

“The Congregation is shaped by fidelity to the Gospel as expressed in the spirituality and charism of Nano Nagle.

We embody her commitment to the education and care of the vulnerable and powerless… (C2)

We work to ensure the dignity of persons is respected and their rights upheld by engaging in compassionate service, especially through various forms of education… (C7)”

The centrality of Gospel values to a holistic educational process is re-affirmed many times by the Church. “What makes a Catholic School distinctive is its attempt to generate a community in the school that is permeated by the Gospel spirit of freedom and love.” (Declaration on Christian Education: 1965, Vatican 11).


At the invitation of Bishop Chichester, the great grand-nephew of Nano Nagle, it was decided to open a Preparatory School for Catholic boys in Harare (Salisbury). On December 16th 1950, Mother Bernard Ryan and Sr Marie Louise Frost took possession of newly acquired (02/08/1950) property in Borrowdale – the former residence of Sir Ernest Montagu who had purchased the original site in 1912 from Frederick Courteney Selous, the guide for the Pioneer Column coming into the area in 1889. The site is of historical interest according to a letter written by Sir Ernest to Mother Bernard in September 1950. The Kopje in front of the present convent was a look-out post to warn the people of Domboshawa of the impending raids of the Matebele Warriors.

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